Aloha Bay Himalyan Rnd Salt Mill (1x1Each)


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Enjoy Himalayan Table And Cooking Salt Mill With Ceramic Grinder – 1 Piece every day at these amazing prices! Aloha Bay Himalayan Table And Cooking Salt Mill With Ceramic Grinder Description: Classic 7 inches Tall, filled with Coarse Hamalyan Crystal Salt. Himalayan Salt Mill with high quality 100% Ceramic Grinder for unadulterated, fresh taste. Himalayan Crystal Salt – 300 million year ago, a vast ocean covered the area that became the Himalayan mountain range. The salt from that ocean was preserved as large crystal formations, which now yield the purest salt on earth. Bio-energetically “alive”, this crystal salt contains the same 84 key trace minerals as our bodies, so it is easily metabolized. The hand-crushed salt is pinkish in color due to the minerals it contains. No additives. Gourmet cooks swear by the exquisite taste of this Wholesome Natural Salt!
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