Dapple Stain Remover Spray Fragrance Free (16.9 fl Oz)


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Enjoy Dapple Stain Remover Spray – Fragrance Free – 16.9 fl oz every day at these amazing prices! Sometimes, cleaning the plate can make a big mess of clothes.

  • An effective and safer alternative to conventional pre-treatment formulas
  • Perfect for newborns, toddlers and kids with eczema
  • Enhanced formula specifically for use on cloth diapers
  • Works wonders on spit-up stains, poop and mashed in food, too! Product characteristics include: Water, glycerin (natural emollient), disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate (cleaning agent from coconut and palm oil), laureth-7 (cleaning agent from coconut), xantham gum (thickening agent from vegetables), calcium chloride (natural enzyme stabilizer from minerals), sodium citrate (water softener derived from citric acid), lauryl glucoside (cleaner made from tree oils and glucose), protease (natural enzyme to break down protein soils), amylase (natural enzyme to break down starch soil), cellulose (natural enzyme to enhance cleaning power), tetrasodium iminodisuccinate (natural complexing agent), benzisothiazolinone (preservative). (Please note: Description is informational only. Always read the product label before use and check with your health professional before using this product)Gluten Free16.9 FZ
  • Weight1.520 oz