Native Forest Coconut Milk (6x96OZ )


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A staple of Thai, Indian and Caribbean cuisines, Native Forest Coconut Milk imparts rich and creamy goodness to wonderful regional dishes. In Thailand, devoted farmers are proud to have achieved organic certification of their traditional coconut crop. While organic coconuts are generally smaller than their conventional counterparts, organically managed trees are more robust and drought-resistant, and their soil is more rich and moisture retentive. The first pressing of the fresh organic coconut meat yields an oil-rich extract that is mixed only with filtered water and a tiny amount (less than 1%) of guar gum from the seeds of the guar plant. The result is Native Forest Coconut Milk, a delicious ingredient in soups, curries, sauces, desserts, and beverages. It may also replace dairy milk or cream in some of your favorite American recipes with excellent results.6/96 OZ

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