Nonna Pia’s Classic Balsamic Reduction (6×8.45 OZ)


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As balsamic vinegar ages, it becomes more robust in flavour, more concentrated and viscous and its flavour profile is more of a sweet acidity as opposed to completely acidicƒ it is also significantly more expensive than commercial, young balsamic vinegar. Balsamic reductions are designed to emulate the flavour and texture of aged balsamic vinegar without bearing the significant cost of those aged vinegars. Nonna PiaÍs Balsamic Reductions are all brewed in Whistler, BC. The balsamic vinegar is imported from Modena, Italy on big 40Ft containers to the port of Vancouver and then shipped up the Sea to Sky highway to Nonna PiaÍs commercial kitchen.. Norm slowly cooks the Balsamic Vinegar in 100 gallon steam kettles for up to 12 hours while Infusing it with fresh fruit and herbs. Viscosity and the concentration of flavours is gained by removing the moisture from the vinegar as opposed to adding thickening agents. Nonna PiaÍs Balsamic Reductions are made from a superior quality aged Balsamic Vinegar that does not contain caramel and we use no thickening agents or starches when making our reductions! All of our Balsamic Reductions are GLUTEN FREE and we are very proud of our clean ingredient listƒ..We have yet to find another true Balsamic Reduction in Canada or the USA!6/8.45 OZ

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