Try Me Yucatan Hot Sauce (6x5OZ )


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Used as a flavoring throughout the Yucatan for over 2,500 years, the Habanero pepper today is fast becoming a worldwide favorite as an exciting and exotic touch to all kinds of dishes both in the kitchen and at the table. Though Habaneros are considered by many to be the hottestes peppers in the world, they are blended in this sauce with carrots, onions and other natural ingredients to control – but never tame – their unique flavor. Some like it hot, and this exciting blend combines one of the world’s hottest peppers with natural inredients that help control the heat but let the fiery flavor come through. Habanero peppers, popular in southern Mexico, have a heat rating more than 20 times greater than jalapenos – but when used in just the right amount, they add a flavorful new dimension to any dish.6/5 OZ

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