• Nature’s Garden Natural Health Foods offers a curated selection of cleansing products, from detox teas to nutrient-packed juices, tailored to your wellness needs. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating power of our carefully crafted cleanses, promoting a healthy balance and eliminating toxins. Discover the benefits—boost energy, enhance digestion, and kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Prioritizing quality and purity, our cleansing products are sourced from the finest natural ingredients. Embark on your wellness journey today!

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Nature’s Garden Natural Health Food:

Enjoy the gift of wellness with 20% off every day, all day! Embrace a healthier lifestyle for less.

About Us

At Nature’s Garden Natural Health Foods, we’re dedicated to your well-being! With over 2 decades of experience, we’ve been a trusted source for empowering our customers with knowledge about their health options.

Discover how our products work in harmony with your body to enhance your physical health and overall wellness. From managing specific health issues to improving your vitality, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Let us help you unlock the benefits of natural health solutions and take control of your well-being. Visit us today to explore our wide range of products and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!

Health Foods in Orange City, FL

Help Is Here To Find Your Way Back to Health

Nature’s Garden Natural Health Foods is a health food store proudly bringing safe, natural vitamins and supplements to help maintain and improve your health and wellness.

Our mission is to provide healthy, natural products and wholesale herbs for West Volusia and East Seminole County, Florida residents. We are a locally owned and operated store where you can always find everything you need to support your body’s health and beauty journey.

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What Makes Us Special?

Our friendly, knowledgeable sales assistants are there to help you choose the products that will support your health in the best way. With plenty of confusing health information, it can be comforting to speak to someone who can advise and help you choose the right combination of vitamins and supplements to help you feel great every day.

Whether you are confused about what vitamins and supplements are best for your unique health worries or just want to stop in to restock, you can expect personalized service customized to your needs. We keep an extensive stock line in our store. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will order it for you. Best of all, our products are affordable. On top of our already low prices, we offer a 20% discount on every product daily.

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All multivitamins and nutritional supplements are available in many forms, like capsules, liquids, and teas, to ensure they suit your taste and fit your lifestyle.

Nature’s Garden Natural Health Foods also stocks a wide range of probiotics, the good bacteria to keep your body healthy. Probiotics will help restore your gut health, strengthen your immune system, and prevent gas and bloating. They are suitable to be taken by adults and children and come in many forms, like capsules, gummies, tablets, powder, or liquids to suit your needs.

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Why Do We Need BEMER?

Diseases, chronic pain or just feeling tired, sick, depressed and stressed, all start with a basic deficiency in the individual cells.

All cells need the same 3 things -nutrients, oxygen, and waste removal- in order to produce enough energy every day to run our body’s systems, like the immune, lymphatic or cardiovascular system.

These 3 things are delivered and exchanged only through the blood and the circulatory system, specifically through the microcirculation in our 75,000 mile long network of tiny vessels composed of arterioles, capillaries and venules.

If the cells do not receive what they need, then they cannot perform their functions; our health ultimately suffers and we age more quickly.

95% of diseases and health problems today all can be traced back to insufficient blood circulation

Conventional medicine methods increase blood circulation be only 5-10% plus they have undesirable, harmful side effects

BEMER is scientifically proven to help increase blood circulation up to 30% with no negative side effects. As a result, our body can work more efficiently to heal itself, and we feel more energetic.

There is nothing else available today that can match BEMER’s results.

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What Can You Find in Our Store?

When you visit our store, you will be welcomed by an array of healthy supplements and other products. Everything is selected based on the item’s taste, nutritional quality, and price to ensure our customers get only the best and most effective products available. You can choose from the following:

Areas Served

Deltona, FL | DeLand, FL | Sanford, FL | Lake Mary, FL | Longwood, FL | Winter Springs, FL | Wekiva Springs, FL | Casselberry, FL | Oviedo, FL | Altamonte Springs, FL | Fern Park, FL | Forest City, FL | Port Orange, FL | Apopka, FL | Maitland, FL

Our Products

Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids and Supplements – We stock a great array of multiple vitamins, single-herb vitamins and condition-specific blends.
Homeopathic products – We have a wide range of all-natural homeopathic medicines in different strengths, as well as items that are condition specific. They enhance the way your body works. We stock only well-known and trusted brands.
Essential Oils – Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses plant extracts to support health and well-being. Choose your favorite aroma from a wide range of oils to receive that boost of energy or the calming effect you need.
Beauty Products – Our range of beauty products contains all-natural ingredients that will make you feel and look your best without using harsh chemicals.

More Products

Herbs – Choose from a wide selection of our herbs in capsules, tinctures and teas. We also have some powerful herbs for cooking!
Teas – There is nothing as soothing and good for your health as a cup of natural tea. You can be sure your favorite cup of tea is all-natural without chemicals or added preservatives, just like nature intended. Come and choose your favorite flavor.
Healthy foods – Take a look at our selection of healthy snacks! We have raw nuts, seeds, protein bars and chocolate! We also stock sweeteners, gluten-free flour and other alternative ingredients for your cooking needs.

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